Steve Deace

We are now begging Israel to preemptively go to war with Iran and start a conflict that could turn the Middle East from a powder keg into a mushroom cloud.

And it’s not necessarily because the Iranian nuclear arms deal recently orchestrated by Secretary of State John Kerry (say that without shuddering) in Geneva is a bad deal, although there’s evidence it is. For example, The Wall Street Journal concluded this agreement “takes Iran a giant step closer to becoming a de facto nuclear power.” Furthermore, if you pay taxes and you’re reading this you’re going to essentially pay Iran a $7 billion bribe to build nuclear weapons. So now we’re working for the Ayatollahs, too, praise Allah!

On the other hand, is it even possible to cut a good deal with a despotic regime? History is not exactly replete with examples of despots and tyrants keeping their word.

And that’s the point here.

With the Obama Regime’s never-ending quest to cut deals with despots, and then apologize to fanatics and tyrants while simultaneously thwarting freedom and liberty at home and abroad, we are sending allies like Israel a message. And it’s clear if you’re following Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s not-so-enthusiastic response to this deal his country has received that message loud and clear.

That message is you no longer have the benefit of American doubt. You’re no longer a simpatico, but rather just another global interest competing for American backing and loyalty. We’re now going to draw a moral equivalency between you and your adversaries when previously we assumed none existed—that’s why we were allies.

Similar to how progressive Leftists do not believe it is government’s job to protect Constitutionally-defined rights but rather to redefine the Constitution, the Obama Regime does not believe it has a moral imperative to defend our allies but rather redefine our enemies into allies by ignoring what made them enemies in the first place. That sounds great within the hermetically-sealed ivory towers of academia where most of these progressives hail from, but in the real world all it does is turn our allies into new enemies while aiding and abetting the enemies of old.

Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Steve Deace

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