Steve Deace

For months now I have written extensively in numerous national publications about the treacherous legislation that is the “scamnesty” bill that will pass out of the U.S. Senate this week. When you have a “gang” writing legislation you get gangster government just like this.

All of the people -- and by all I mean all -- claiming to be conservative who are either still advocating scamnesty or defending those that are fall into one of four categories:

1) Woefully uninformed to the point that they should no longer criticize anyone else for being a low information voter, and should perhaps have to pass a drug test before ever voting on anything other than a chili cook-off ever again.

2) More concerned about preserving their seat at the GOP establishment table than they are the future of our Constitutional Republic.

3) More concerned about preserving Marco Rubio’s flailing presidential ambitions than they are the future of our Constitutional Republic.

4) Traitors to the cause actively looking to undermine the base of patriotic Americans that put them there, so they can stuff the ballot box with more Government-Americans that won’t stand in the way of more gangster government.

This legislation is so bad it’s actually worse than Obamacare and TARP, because it takes the gangster government, anti-Constitutional principles of both and then registers to vote millions more people who will just turn right around and vote for more of the same until the light of liberty is lost for good.

So what should we do instead?

We are in dire need of immigration reform in this country. But this scamnesty will not reform anything, for anything that locks in amnesty before promises of future border enforcement (which have always been broken in the past) are fulfilled will just make the situation worse.

If I were advising the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives this would be what I urge them to do next:

1) Whatever you do, do not pass any comprehensive immigration reform package out of the House of Representatives this year. Not even a good one.

The reason for this is that any House version of comprehensive immigration reform will then be sent to Conference Committee where the details of it will be hashed out alongside the Senate’s scamnesty plan. That means even a good plan out of the House will be polluted with the Senate version, and a little bit of leaven ruins the whole loaf.

Steve Deace

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