Steve Deace
Nicole Brown Simpson Disagrees with Bob Costas

By now, many of you reading this have already heard much opinion pro and con regarding NBC sportscaster Bob Costas’ anti-Second Amendment remarks during last Sunday night’s football game.

But just in case you missed it, Costas (using sportswriter’s Jason Whitlock column as a human shield) said: “If Jovan Belcher didn't possess a gun he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.” If Costas were really serious about having a conversation about our culture of death and truly did his homework on the issue, rather than rushing to politicize a tragedy, he could’ve looked very close to home to find out just how silly this entire argument is.

As a witness to the contrary I present Nicole Brown Simpson, who clearly disagrees with Costas. At least she would if she could. Unfortunately, she’s been dead for almost 20 years now because of the crazed NFL player in her life, who was also her former husband and the father of her children. He was also a former close colleague of Costas at NBC.

Most of you know him as O.J.

If Nicole Brown Simpson were here today, she could testify that the gun which former Kansas City Chief Jovon Belcher used to commit murder-suicide recently isn’t any guiltier of a crime than is the knife O.J. used to stab her to death. Both are inanimate, morally-neutral, tools. Thus, they’re each only as dangerous or useful as the person wielding them.

The same could be said of rope.

See, Eric Eucker is the tragic death in the NFL you probably haven’t heard about for two reasons. One, he was a Cleveland Browns’ groundskeeper and not a starting player for a NFL team as Belcher was. Two, he committed suicide at Browns’ headquarters by hanging himself on the same day of Belcher’s apparent murder-suicide.

The way Eucker chose to take his own life doesn’t fit the preferred narrative of Costas and others that think they know better than our Founding Fathers, who gave us a Second Amendment as both a check and balance against government tyranny and also as a means of self-defense.

But don’t just take my word for it. Costas’ NBC co-worker Ice-T said recently the right to keep and bear arms was “the last form of defense against tyranny.”

Steve Deace

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