Steve Deace
Anybody slightly to the right politically of Arlen Specter has been struggling to define the freak show that was the just concluded Democrat Party Convention in Charlotte.

Terms du jour such as liberal, leftist, Marxist, or even statist don’t seem to fully encapsulate exactly what was on display this week. There’s a reason for that. That terminology is the result of the worldview that has now been fully embraced by the leadership of the Democrat Party, as well as many of its delegates. But that terminology itself doesn’t explain why we saw what we saw.

The word we’re looking for here is pagan. defines “pagan” as: “A person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim (the world’s dominant monotheistic religions). An irreligious or hedonistic person…a person deemed morally or spiritually stunted.” Synonyms for “pagan” include the following: heathen, hedonistic, idolater, profane, sacrilegious, atheistic, and unholy.

Yep, I would say that pretty much sums it up.

This was a convention whose most popular speaker was impeached—not to mention is a proven liar and serial philanderer who turned the word “humidor” into a verb with a White House intern. This was a convention that proudly applauded a Ted Kennedy tribute video lauding a series of Obama “achievements” that were either all unbiblical, unconstitutional, or both.
This was a convention that literally booed God.

For the last few years I have said that we’ve reached the point with the Democrat Party where it now primarily exists as a means to promote child killing and homosexuality, and all other traditional Democrat Party issues and constituencies take a backseat to those two. Convention viewers this week sadly saw me proven correct. Child sacrifice in particular was so prevalent and celebrated at this convention, that if it had a theme song it would be Metallica’s “Kill ‘em all.” All that was missing was an altar to Chemosh in downtown Charlotte.

I do not write these words with a partisan spirit, and I’ve certainly written enough columns in the past to indicate how little regard and respect I have for the Republican Party establishment. If anything, I actually trust the leadership of the GOP less than the Democrats. At least the Democrats are now openly shaking their fists at God, rather than co-opting a bunch of “God-talk” for bumper stickers and talking points, only to grow government and not defend marriage and the unborn as the Republican Party establishment routinely does. I will at least damn the Democrats with faint praise for their pagan sincerity. Their conscience knows God disagrees with them, which is why some of their delegates were booing Him.

Steve Deace

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