Steve Deace

From the moment he made it abundantly clear he intends to turn these United States away from a constitutional republic and towards a Western European-style socialist democracy, conservatives have been trying to convince the American people to reject President Obama’s vision for the country.

Regardless of the outcome of this fall’s presidential election, that worthwhile effort has been successful. It’s why the Republicans will retain control of the House, and could win back control of the Senate regardless of what happens in the presidential election.

Beginning with the historic repudiation he received in the 2010 midterm elections, when over 700 Democrats were fired by the American people, and continuing with every credible poll taken since then that has shown many of those same voters disapprove of his performance as president. A majority of the American people range anywhere from skeptical to downright hostile to the prospect of a second Obama term.

If this election were purely a referendum on Obama there would be little doubt he would lose. However, if the campaign continues on its current path he will not. If the election were held today there is little doubt Obama would win. In fact, there’s a better chance Obama would lose the popular vote than Mitt Romney would attain the 270 Electoral College votes necessary to win the presidency.

And that is entirely the fault of Romney and his etch-a-sketch campaign.

Although conservatives are largely united behind the “anybody but Obama” mantra, the average American is not wired that way. The average American sees few distinctions between Republicans and Democrats, and distrusts them both equally. Sadly, the GOP has done plenty to feed that stereotype over the past few years, with several examples most of us that call ourselves conservatives are painfully aware of.

The average American wants something to vote for and not just against. The average American does not sustain righteous indignation for longer than a news cycle, let alone the entirety of a grueling campaign. Want proof?

Steve Deace

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