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The only way the Freeh Report on the Penn State scandal could’ve been any worse for those involved is if it discovered they acted as their former pedophile football coach’s pimps by helping him actually procure the young boys he abused.

Aside from that, if the 267-page Freeh Report is to be believed, “the most powerful men at Penn State University” – President Graham Spanier, Vice President Gary Schultz, Athletics Director Tim Curley, and Head Coach Joe Paterno – aided and abetted a child rapist for over a decade through their unwillingness to put the safety of innocent children ahead of their football brand.

Paterno was a legend and a well-known devout Catholic, so you think he might have learned a thing or two from the sex abuse scandal/cover-up that devastated the Catholic Church a decade ago. But according to the Freeh Report, Paterno willfully engaged in a similar sinister cover-up that leaves the legacy of college football’s winningest coach in ruins, and also demands a powerful message be sent deterring future institutions from repeating this tragedy.

Louis Freeh, who served as FBI Director under both Democrat and Republican presidents, conducted the investigation that was commissioned by the Pennsylvania Board of Trustees, which oversees Penn State University. His report utilizes testimony and evidence from the Jerry Sandusky trial, as well as over 400 interviews conducted by his own investigators, to chronicle in vivid detail the events that culminated in a conspiracy to shield Sandusky (and thus Penn State football) from scrutiny.

According to the report we learned:

Spanier, Schultz, Curley, and Paterno were aware of a 1998 investigation into Sandusky molesting a boy, and not only took no action but allowed him to coach one final season in 1999 when Sandusky was named the top assistant coach in college football. The report says by allowing Sandusky to retire “not as a suspected child predator but as a valued member of the Penn State football legacy,” Paterno and his associates in the Penn State administration allowed Sandusky to use his Penn State connections to procure future victims.

More allegations emerged in 2001 and some at Penn State wanted to go to the authorities, but decided against it after consulting directly with Paterno.

Steve Deace

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