Scottie Hughes

A blockbuster news event happened earlier this week. One that ought to have caused outrage in all political quarters. One that ought to have made us question not only the Obama administration’s competence, but also their motives. How else should we explain $500 million in arms that the United States facilitated to al-Qaeda linked groups in Libya? How else to explain the sudden shift in a decade and a half-long War on Terror from waging merciless war against the terrorist group that felled the Twin Towers and killed 3,000 Americans to becoming their sugar daddy on the shores of Tripoli?

On April 22nd, a group of retired intelligence professionals, generals and admirals called the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi strode to the microphones in front of members of the press to announce the results of their interim report. They interviewed informants and witnesses. They collected hundreds of documents. And their results were unequivocal: America blundered itself into a war of choice by allying with al-Qaeda.

And yet if you had been watching CNN or your network nightly news, you wouldn't have the faintest idea. If you were waiting for feckless Republicans on Capitol Hill to comment, let alone do something, you’d still be waiting.

This is our upside-down world. A bipartisan code of silence has been struck between John Boehner and Barack Obama. Thousands of guns and weapons were handed over to the enemy, and now we are supposed to feign surprise and shock that the September 11th, 2012 attacks in which Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other brave Americans were killed. It’s still unclear who knew what, when. But where are the voices calling for a permanent select committee with subpoena power to bring Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, John Brennan and the administration’s top intelligence and diplomatic officials to account.

Surely one would think that if we agreed on anything, it would be that in the post 9/11 world al-Qaeda and its terrorist affiliates are our nation’s enemies. But apparently not. Whether out of indifference or malice, the United States sided with al-Qaeda in Libya. It’s as if the ATF set up a branch in Benghazi and started funneling guns to the enemy, much as they did with drug cartels along the Mexican border.

Scottie Hughes

Scottie Nell Hughes is the news director and chief journalist for the Tea Party News Network as well as a contributor to Patriot.TV and