Sarah Roderick

Does the (R) after a politician’s name represent his/her views on race? It seems so, according to MSNBC and their liberal cohorts.

Recently, on the Melissa Perry-Harris show, a comment was made regarding former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney and his family. Romney’s crime, on his lap, he held the latest addition to the Romney family, an African-American grandbaby. How dare he parade an African-American child in his family portrait? He and his family are Republicans, and everyone knows Republicans are racist.

More recently, MSNBC tweeted a snide comment regarding the Cheerios ad that aired last year depicting a bi-racial family. The tweet insinuated conservatives would be appalled at a bi-racial family. Congressman Tim Huelskamp responded with a family portrait of his four African-American children.

The tweets that followed were nothing short of a cyber-lynching, accusing the congressman of “borrowing” his children for a family photo-op. It must be true that Rep. Huelskamp and his wife adopted, or rented the children for political purposes. After all, Kansas is known to be a deep purple state, right?

Time after time the left-wing establishment has concocted a negative stereo-type depicting Republicans and conservatives as racist, intolerant, narrow-minded bigots. The left-wing would like Americans to believe the (R) is an acronym for racist.

Many Americans have subscribed to the liberal school of thought that Republicans are a large group of old, fat, uneducated, white Anglo-Saxon men who sit around drinking Southern Comfort and smoking on the porch of a southern plantation. How history has been altered in the past 150 years since the days Abraham Lincoln fought to free slaves. Lincoln, a Republican, for his time was a progressive thinker and envisioned an America where people of all color could live equally. If MSNBC were around during Lincoln’s era, how would he have been portrayed?

The cowardly attacks on the Romney and Huelskamp families hit home for me. I am from a large Catholic family, who grew up in a small Midwestern town. I was raised with conservative values, and my parents made their eco footprint by producing five children. We were surrounded by liberal elitist academia in a university town. It was not uncommon for people to make comments regarding the size of our family. One retired professor even made the comment that childrens’ IQ decreased by the number of children born in a family. This was, and is a liberal logic to prevent “excessive” reproduction. How is that for open mindedness?

Sarah Roderick

Sarah Roderick, formerly employed at the Federalist Society, was actively involved in the conservative movement, worked on several national political campaigns and numerous international human rights projects focusing on religious minorities.