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“The Justice Department is probably the most dangerous domestic department in the executive branch when you have someone who is willing to abuse its power,” Hans Von Spakovsky, Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, told Townhall in an exclusive interview, “it can break and ruin and put in prison any individual, any company, any business; and that is enormous power and you don’t want that in the wrong hands by people who are willing to misuse that power.”

In their latest book, “Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department,” Spakovsky and National Review columnist John Fund expose the corruption swarming through the the Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder’s watch. Spakovsky spoke with me last week to discuss their undertaking and why it matters.

Q: Has much changed since your time working inside the DOJ? How did having inside sources add to the book’s value?

Spakovsky: What I found is that it has gotten even worse under the administration. I mean, there were bad things there when I was there, including out of control career people, but now there are really no adults in charge with this administration and so they can be just as radical and crazy as they want to be, and abusive.

Having people inside to talk to us, and tell us what’s going on there now, I think adds a lot to the book. Particularly some of the most shocking things that we heard from folks who are there is about how politicized the department has become, far worse than under any prior attorney general.

Q: What unexpected discoveries surfaced as you wrote the book?

Spakovsky: John and I both kind of monitor the Justice Department and what is going on over there, but even we were shocked by the number of cases we found that had been thrown out by judges accusing the department of prosecutorial abuse. You know that happens occasionally, but we were surprised by how often it has been happening under the Holder Justice Department.

Q: In February, Eric Holder told state attorneys general they need not adhere to state bans on same-sex marriage if they personally found it unconstitutional. Have any of Holder’s predecessors encouraged this type of blatant disregard for the law?

Sarah Jean Seman

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