Sandy Rios
“It’s time to get even” declares a union letter to Wisconsin Teachers, and an April 5th election for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court could be their chance for revenge.

Less than two weeks ago Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Assembly signed a law changing collective bargaining rules for Public Sector unions in an attempt to save the state from financial ruin. Other states are considering similar measures and unions are panicking.

For days, protestors stormed the Wisconsin capitol, inflicting thousands of dollars of damage and a good deal of shame on union supporters which they brashly sought to impute to elected officials who opposed them. “Shame! Shame! Shame!” They chanted as they stormed the capitol and even the chambers, banging drums. They broke thru windows, wrote on historic columns and left their mark in more ways than one.

Democratic legislators deserted their duties and fled to Illinois to prevent a simple vote. In spite of that, after amending the language, Republicans were able to thwart their efforts and vote on the bill by limiting the ability of public sector union workers to collectively bargain for anything except salary. But most alarming to the unions, was the provision to cease state collection of union dues thru paycheck withdrawals so that unions will be forced to collect directly from their membership. You would think thousands of zealous union supporters could be trusted to pay their dues without coercion, but evidently not. And since those coerced dollars go to fund candidates in sympathy with unions, that dance will be over…the flow of money stopped.

Republican legislators and their Governor received death threats. Lots of death threats. State Representative Michelle Litjens was told after casting her vote she was “f…..king…dead” not by a protestor, but by her Democratic seat mate, Rep. Gordon Hintz. .

As a result of the vote, nearly 100,000 protestors descended again on the capitol in outrage. They broke in windows, overwhelmed police and basically had their way once again with the facility. “This is what democracy looks like!” they chanted.

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.