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There was an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune just days after Barack Obama’s inauguration. Published on January 14, 2009, Peter Wallsten entitled it “Obama’s Team 2.0.” In that article, Wallsten described a freshly minted version of President Obama’s campaign machine morphing itself into the new “Obama 2.0.” The millions of dollars and volunteers left from the aftermath of his cash-glutted presidential run would be tasked to organize in every state and every congressional district. The purpose was not only to move the president’s political agenda, but also to punish Democrats who did not fall in line. Democrats reportedly feared this new organization and others were questioning its dangerous potential. No other president in the history of the United States had ever set about to establish his own personal power in this way.

Wallsten took it further. He described plans to deliver goods and services and aid in disaster relief…all in the name of Barack Obama. This was a new model of power and influence in the West but long familiar to our brethren in the Middle East.

Much of that money and those people did indeed make their way to a new organization which swiftly changed its name to Organizing for America. Anyone doubting it’s connection to the president has only to access one of its web addresses:

Organizing for America has been a steady presence in Madison, Wisconsin. And this is their report on Saturday’s massive welcoming to the fourteen democratic senators who returned after three weeks hiding in Illinois, refusing to come to Madison for a vote:

"This is what democracy looks like!" the people are chanting and clapping with a pretty awesome beat. This is very real and it's happening now. Friends, allies, workers, we're all here at the capitol in Madison in the fight for our rights. The spirit inside and out of the packed building are filled with faces showing all ranges of emotions…”

There was no mention of that “range of emotion” that included hate.

Death threats to Wisconsin Republican Governor, Scott Walker, and his party’s eighteen Senators have been direct and unambiguous. They are numerous and specific and they are coming from protestors in sympathy with union protestors connected to the President of the United States. But the President is silent…Organizing for America is silent and so have been NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, and most major media.

These are excerpts from an e-mail sent March 9 to Republican Senators:

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.