Ryan Williams

This week, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced that it is issuing complaints against Walmart as part of a so-called retaliation against employees who protested at a recent shareholders meeting. There’s no proof Walmart took any action against employees who protested, but facts are irrelevant when it comes to union-backed worker centers like OUR Walmart and their allies at the NLRB.

The complaint was unveiled during a call with the media held by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and OUR Walmart hours before the NLRB made its official announcement. The fact that a union boss and a union affiliated worker center knew that the NLRB was taking action against Walmart hours before the public was informed is disgraceful and shows that this government agency is colluding with Big Labor. It’s just another example of the dishonest and highly orchestrated smear campaign that is being launched this holiday season against the nation’s largest retailer.

Walmart protest organizers would like to have the public believe that employees are leading a grassroots effort to institute changes at the company. In reality, the actions by OUR Walmart are part of an ongoing and sophisticated campaign led by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW.) The group’s nationwide protests are carefully staged and choreographed events that are designed to deceive consumers and build support for Big Labor’s agenda. Far from a spontaneous grassroots uprising of retail workers, the Black Friday “protests” of last year – and the ones planned for this holiday season – are nothing more than union-funded theatrics carried out by professional protestors.

With membership at historic lows, organized labor has made no secret of its wish to organize Walmart’s 1.4 million workers. Previous attempts by the UFCW to attack the company under banners like “Wake-up Walmart” and “Walmart Watch” fell mostly flat. The company’s reputation took a few hits but the UFCW failed to diminish overall sales or – much to Big Labor’s dismay – organize any employees.

Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is a senior vice president at FP1 Strategies, a Washington based public affairs, advertising, grassroots and media relations firm.