Ross Mackenzie

Quotations on items currently in the news....

Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger, on WikiLeaks: "Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy famously said, 'You have zero privacy. Get over it.'...Two big things transformed the postwar world: nuclear fission and the Internet. Nuclear fission gave us clean energy and the atomic bomb. The Internet? With WikiLeaks, we arrive at the Internet version of putting the nuclear genie back in the bottle."

The New York Times Nov. 20, 2009, on its decision not to publish secret data: "The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won't be posted here."

The Times a year later (Nov. 29, 2010) on its decision to publish illegally acquired WikiLeaks data: Despite their provenance, "The Times believes that the (WikiLeaks) documents serve an important public interest, illuminating the goals, successes, compromises, and frustrations of American diplomacy in a way that other accounts cannot match."

The Media Research Center's L. Brent Bozell III: "Americans the world over could die because of these intelligence betrayals. But hip, hip, hooray for the freedom of speech that got them killed? Some might ask, on the people's behalf: In our democracy, whom do you trust to defend you from another terrorist attack? Time magazine? The New York Times? Who elected them to act as our guardians against terrorist violence and mayhem?


Tim Kaine, current Democratic National Committee chairman and former Virginia governor -- in August: "I want to be measured by results....After the election, folks will make up their mind about me."

Barack Obama in his "Audacity of Hope" (page 160): "I find comfort in the fact that the longer I'm in politics the less nourishing popularity becomes, that a striving for power and rank and fame seems to betray a poverty of ambition, and that I am answerable mainly to the steady gaze of my own conscience."

British historian Paul Johnson: "The U.S. has all kinds of problems. But its biggest over the course of the next two years is how to find a leader who will inspire through character and integrity, vision and resolution, courage and judgment, the belief, faith, and confidence that Americans have always warmly given to the right person -- someone they can trust."


Ross Mackenzie

Ross Mackenzie lives with his wife and Labrador retriever in the woods west of Richmond, Virginia. They have two grown sons, both Naval officers.

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