Roger Schlesinger

This Government for some reason – which, in my opinion, is none of their business – believes everyone should be equal in everything.  I might go along with this if getting to equal was done the right way, but their way isn't the right way.  If you are familiar with the fitness craze in this country you know that the best way to get fit is demonstrated by the following question and answer:  Which push up will get you fit faster in a set of 10? The answer of course is the 11th.

Our government would never direct people to do the 11th pushup.  They would figure out that almost everyone could do about 2 or 3, so anything over 3 pushups would be frowned upon, if not outlawed.  Getting to three would be the nation’s goal and everyone could be considered fit and equality would reign.

Take that formula and put it to work in every way America works and you can achieve equality very quickly, but at what cost? Do we really want the worse shape public in history:  Weak but equal.  That certainly would make our enemies happy.

Let's ponder the important stuff: knowledge and experience and run it under the Political Correctness filter.  I believe we are all smart enough to realize that college is not for everybody, for several reasons. Being smart is definitely one of the reasons, but it is way down on my list.  Having a reason or purpose is near the top of my list.  However reason or purpose does not include going because all the "Smiths" have always gone to college and YOU don't want to break this wonderful chain.

 The list as I see it: 

1.  If everyone went to college who would do the manual and menial jobs which keep our society rolling. Manual or menial does not have to translate to little or nothing in the way of remuneration and life style.  Have you not noticed that trash collectors are some of the wealthiest and most influential people in every society?

2.  You either have a scholarship for an athletic endeavor or you believe you can walk on to the field and earn yourself a position on the team. Athletics is either the highest paying industry or in the top 3. This is a smart move for those equipped with the physique and speed to be a top notch athlete.

Roger Schlesinger

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