Robert Knight

Well, the Republicans caved and Barack Obama celebrated in Hawaii while planning his next step in creating an irreversible welfare state. Taxes will rise, spending will soar, and the media will cheer on Mr. Obama as he presses for even more as the debt ceiling deadline approaches.

Instead of giving into despair or anger, conservatives need to plan for the long haul. Tea Party people, Christian conservatives, national security conservatives and fiscal conservatives (there’s a lot of overlap here) are already working to establish an actually conservative Republican Congress in 2014.

It would be nice to have some conservative Democrats in office as well, but the other party took a wild ride to the dark side in the 1970s and never came back from its drug-and-sex-filled binge. In fact, the Democrats are working harder than ever to make everyone in the world buy into their obsession with alternative states of ecstasy, extreme environmentalism, perverse sex, big government and confiscatory taxes. Just ask any foreign diplomat who’s listened to one of Hillary Clinton’s lectures.

For conservatives, the GOP is a crooked slot machine that they play because it’s the only game in town. In 2010, this worked in spite of the party, and it can work again in 2014. It will only take a few more victories to turn Congress around, and the GOP already has 30 governors and controls both houses of 18 legislatures. The trick will be to fix the machine by exposing the poseurs and running them out of office. Another vital goal is to secure the integrity of the ballot box by enacting more laws requiring photo IDs and to challenge obvious examples of vote fraud such as in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Philadelphia and the ever-suspect South Florida.

It will also take tapping vast numbers of people who are appalled at America’s decline, have remained essentially apolitical, and don’t know what to do about it all.

I want to switch gears here from politics to culture, because culture drives politics. Despite the flood of bad news, including 47 million people on food stamps amid a growing underclass, there’s a whole other America out there, swimming under the polluted media like a whale under a stormy sea. You know it’s there because a dorsal fin surfaces from time to time.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.