Robert Knight

It’s ok for “transsexual” men to use the ladies’ room? A mother should accept her daughter making a living by running porn sites? America should embrace same-sex “marriage?”

Dear Abby, what have you come to?

For more than 50 years, Dear Abby has been counseling people on how to live their lives. People usually associate Abby with common sense, but in reality she’s an unsung warrior in the sexual revolution—firmly on the side of Playboy, NARAL, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Dear Abby consistently steers people into the arms of Planned Parenthood, homosexual activist groups, and the now-infamous Kinsey Institute. The column has supported abortion on demand, condom-based “safe sex” education, nudism, cross-dressing and pornography.

Abby’s daughter took over the column several years ago, and the message has grown even more radical. After years of promoting acceptance of homosexuality as normal and in-born, Abby on October 10, 2007, went all the way and openly endorsed gay “marriage.”

The Dear Abby column runs in 1,400 newspapers worldwide, reaching 110 million readers daily in print and on-line. Because Abby is a major cultural media figure, the Culture and Media Institute took a detailed look at what kind of advice she gave in 2007. CMI also looked at The Best of Dear Abby (1981), her Web site, and a Nexis search of columns over the years dealing with sex. The new study by CMI researcher Colleen Raezler, “Down a Dark Abby,” reveals that:

• Of Abby’s 365 daily columns in 2007, nearly a third (108) deal with sex. And of those, more than half (58) reject traditional morality and instead offer moral relativism and sexual liberation.

• Ten address homosexuality, which Abby regards as morally right.

• Fifty-four address sex between unmarried adults, and only once does Abby suggest that marriage should precede sex.

• Twelve address teen sex, and only three suggest abstinence.

• Twenty other columns project a permissive view of nudism, stripping and cross dressing.

The 2007 columns reflect themes that Abby has embraced for years. Here are some of Abby’s Blasts from the Past, starting with nudism:

DEAR ABBY: …What is this world coming to when a person of your stature condones nude hot-tubbing with the neighbors? Enjoying the “therapeutic benefits” of soaking together in the nude—unless it’s a husband and wife alone—is a new low in moral behavior.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.