Robert  Charles

Turn off the faucet – turn them all off. Please tell me we are not about to confront another Obama White House scandal. Please tell me it is not another one connected to mismanagement of our national borders, deceptions and politicization of our criminal justice system. Please tell me we are not experiencing another betrayal of the public trust. The place is already flooded. What is it now?

Many Border Patrol agents are disquieted by White House decisions relating to the US border, and they are beginning to talk. Who would not be? By credible accounts, the Southwest border is being systematically overrun by illegal aliens, none following the time-honored process of legally acquiring citizenship. From somewhere on high, there is a directive to let the flow go. A Democrat-controlled Senate is four-square behind the policy. So, with what seems indifference to our Nation’s law, Border Patrol agents are being forced to choose between a radical policy shift and their constitutional oath to protect and defend America’s borders.

The background is also clear. A Nation without borders is not a Nation. Citizenship has no meaning if “all who enter here” are entitled to what the citizen works and pays taxes for. Without understanding our Nation’s language and history, grasping that civil rights come with civic duties, or seeing that allegiance, assimilation and appreciation are part of living in America, a grant of unanchored residency diminishes us all. Nor is it much of a trade. The new resident gets free things. The Nation gets disinterested, uneducated, unprepared, sometimes sick, often criminal additions to our communities. The new arrivals are not only illegal, they stay illegal – they do not pay taxes and they avoid accountability until caught. Citizenship has historically involved tests, of health, education, language, history and morality. The new policy cheapens what so many Americans – naturalized and born – have given unconditionally to preserve. And that is not a sound bite; that is a tragedy.

Today, new reports are trickling out of the Border Patrol. They suggest that, even against this backdrop, the story is worse than we are told. Border Patrol agents are literally “baby sitting” hundreds of thousands of foreigners under age of 18, many of whom are known to he be gang members, teen parents themselves, or have criminal records in countries from which they come. Rather than wait – with those who have legally strived for years to become proud, naturalized citizens – this wave of young, non-English-speaking, benefit-hunting non-citizens is just being admitted. Why? Take your guess, but it is no accident. Politics are wrapped into that White House decision; there is no other explanation.

Robert Charles

Robert B. Charles is a former US Court of Appeals clerk, litigator and adjunct professor at the Harvard Extension School. He served as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, and presently heads a consulting firm in Washington DC.