Rich Tucker

It’s amazing what you can get used to.

Looking back a few years, the unemployment rate in April 2004 was 5.6 percent when presidential candidate John Kerry announced that then-President George W. Bush sported “the worst economic record since the Hoover administration.” When voters went to the polls four years later, a big reason Barack Obama prevailed is that unemployment had soared. To 6.8 percent.

Ah, but these days we’re almost immune to bad economic news. When the Labor Department announced that July’s jobless rate had climbed to 8.3 percent, it barely earned a mention on CNN. With the Olympics going on, and Harry Reid tossing around allegations about Mitt Romney, hours rolled by before the network could find the time to zero in on unemployment.

That’s a shame because, in recent years, our political leaders have been taking too many wrong turns.

As Amy Payne wrote on The Heritage Foundation’s blog, “The [Obama] administration’s foot-dragging on free trade agreements has killed job creation. The extended moratorium on oil drilling, followed by new regulations, killed job creation. President Obama's refusal to build the Keystone XL pipeline killed jobs. Ever-expanding Environmental Protection Agency regulations kill jobs. Extending unemployment insurance -- part of the failed ‘stimulus’ -- was a humanitarian gesture, but it killed jobs. Even increasing deficit spending has a job-killing effect, the opposite of what Obama espouses.”

Rich Tucker

Rich Tucker is a communications professional and a columnist for