Rich Galen

It is one thing for Republicans to point fingers at President Barack Obama. It is something else for a Democrat to point a finger at Barack Obama.

Henry Cuellar is the Democratic Congressman from west Texas. In fact his district, the 28th, runs from San Antonio about 7,271 miles south, southwest along the Mexican border.

When you talk about America's border problems, you are talking Henry Cuellar's problems.

You might have read that President Obama is on another fund-raising trip. This time to Colorado and to Texas.

It was suggested that the President, as long as he was going to be in Texas and all, might want to make a trip to the border to see what all the hoo-hah is about.

This suggestion was made by Henry Cuellar. After he saw photos of the President playing pool and drinking beer with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper during the Colorado segment of his trip.

Cuellar said on Fox News that the President should zip on down to the border while he's in Texas. The Dallas Morning News reported that Cuellar said:

"He can get on Air Force One, be there in a half an hour ? right after he finishes his fundraising in Texas"

You don't need a PhD in political science to understand why the White House doesn't want the President physically anywhere near the issue of unaccompanied children storming the barricades.

They know that while the President's position on immigration generally might be popular with many Americans, but his apparent paralysis in stemming the tide of tens of thousands of children illegally entering the United States is not helpful to his already dismal job approval ratings.

The Obama Administration is as close to total paralysis as any Presidency since Richard Nixon's Watergate days.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at