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· The governing theory of President Barack Obama's foreign policy swung into full view today - after a number of out-of-town tryouts - when Pulitzer Prize winning writer Thomas Freidman wrote in his Sunday New York Times Column:

"When President Obama sits down to write his foreign policy memoir he may be tempted to use as his book title the four words he reportedly uses privately to summarize the Obama doctrine: 'Don't Do Stupid Stuff' (with 'stuff' sometimes defined more spicily)."

· The reason Friedman was so circumspect about the quote ("? he reportedly uses ?") is because Obama has been holding a series of off-the-record chats with reporters to help them understand that his foreign policy isn't a mess, it is the carefully constructed result of attempting to not do anything stupid.

· Putting aside for the moment the fact that the very press corps that quakes and rails in righteous anger and frustration on a daily basis at the lack of transparency of the Obama Administration, wags its collective tail and scoots into secret off-the-record sessions like the needy and obedient puppies they are, the notion of an entire foreign policy being reduced to those four words struck a chord in Tweeter-ville yesterday.

· It began when the National Journal's senior, bi-partisan political class disciplinarian, Ron Fournier, Tweeted:

"Don't Do Stupid [Stuff]" Really? That's how Obama and his team privately describe his foreign policy vision? Out Loud? With Straight Faces?

· That opened the flood gates for Tweeters sending aphorisms and famous quotes substituting Stupid [Stuff] for the real words.

· For example, "I did not do Stupid [Stuff] with that woman. Miss Lewinsky."

· Or, "Walk softly and don't do Stupid [Stuff]"

· It turns out that the Obama Administration has routinely violated its own stupid rule time after time.

· Take health care and the famous approximation of the Hippocratic oath "First, do no Stupid [Stuff]."

· Obama (and Nancy Pelosi) shoved more than 60 Democratic Members of the U.S. House off the electoral plank in 2010 by forcing them to vote for a bill that no one had read beyond the title: "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."

· Then he did it again last October when the Administration tried to flip the "ON" switch to put Obamacare into action only to find that not much programming had been done beyond the title.

· "You will be able keep your Stupid [Stuff]. Period."

Rich Galen

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