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To catch you up on my travels, I have been (and still am) in Morocco on a teaching/training mission with Legacy International.

We spent Wednesday in Casablanca including a must-do lunch at Rick's Cafe (see the Mullfoto of me at the piano) then onto Oudja for the rest of the week.

Oujda is pronounced "OOZH-duh." It is located about 8 miles from the Algerian border on the eastern edge of Morocco.

Mullings Director of Standards & Practices Alert: We did not, in spite of my begging and pleading, go any closer than about two kilometers to the border and I was never in any danger of being taken into custody as a cute-as-a-button 66-year-old American by Algerian slavers.

While we've been tinkering around on the northwest corner of the African continent, official Washington is watching with great interest the confirmation hearing of John Brennan to be the head of the Central Intelligence Agency, replacing David Petraeus who had to resign because of you-know-what.

That hearing is going on as I type this (at 9:35 PM West Africa Time which is about 4:35 in Our Nation's Capital) so don't email me with events that transpired later in the afternoon or into the evening when I was abed (safely out of range of the Algerian slavers).

The two issues that have occupied the Senate Intelligence Committee (the Senate only gets to vote on these nominations. Members of the House can only sit and watch in their offices) Brennan's participation in, and/or approval of "enhanced interrogation techniques" such as waterboarding when he was at the CIA in the George W. Bush era; and, what he thinks about a recently-made-public memo from the Department of Justice making the legal case for President Barack Obama to be able to send drones armed with Hellfire missiles down the chimneys of houses occupied by American citizens who also happen to be al-Qaida leaders plotting to do harm to this nation.

A Hellfire missile aimed at an American in Yemen (or anyone else anywhere else is almost always likely to result in their immediate death.

The memo apparently makes the case that the Constitutional requirement for an accused person to receive "due process" under the terms of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, doesn't apply to Americans who are engaged in plotting terror against the U.S.

The Fifth Amendment reads, in part:

Rich Galen

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