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At 10:00 last night this was the official language from the National Weather Service winter storm warning:

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect from 10 AM Friday to 10 PM EST Saturday.

Precipitation type: Heavy snow.

Accumulations: Storm total accumulations of 18 to 24 inches.

Now, I know those of my many readers who live in Antarctica or along Prudhoe Bay in the Arctic consider this a mere dusting. But, for those of us who live in normally habitable climes this is a lot of snow!

In Your Nation's Capital and its environs we consider 2-4 inches of snow grounds for schools closing for at least two days, invoking "liberal leave" policies in Federal, state, and local government offices; and gathering up enough bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper to last the 82nd Airborne Division three weeks; a good three weeks.

The good news about this storm is it is coming over a weekend, just as the 16.4 inches of snow we got from the storm in mid-December. The bad news about this storm is that even at the low end of the NWS' estimate - 18 inches - it would qualify as the third or fourth heaviest snow in DC history.

The top snowstorms have been: 1 - 28" Jan 1922
2 - 20" Feb 1899

3 - 18.7" Feb 1979
4 - 17.3" Jan 1996
5 - 16.6" Feb 1983
6 - 16.4" Dec 2009 & 16.4" Feb 2003

If this storm comes anywhere near what is being forecast, plus the four inches we got earlier this week the snowfall for the winter of '09-'10 will total over 38 inches. That is somewhat higher than the average of 15.2 inches for Washington.

The natural tendency for someone who is in the business of being snarky would be to make the point that we might not need much more evidence than this much snow in one year to support the notion that someone's been fudging the global-warming-climate-change data.

I know … I know. "Climate Change" means that unusual weather events will become more common. That's how the "Climate Change" lobby (previously known as the "Global Warming" lobby) explains these decidedly non-warm kinds of events.

This would be jolly cocktail party fodder if it not for the fact that we are pouring tens of billions of dollars into trying to find ways to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere so as to reverse what used to be known as "Global Warming."

President Obama's 2011 budget, which was released on Monday, calls for $36 billion in loan guarantees for nuclear power plants.

Rich Galen

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