Richard Olivastro

There is no shortcut to success. The certain route for everyone seeking success is focus and work. Most would clarify “hard work”. That’s the case in every endeavor for every person including presidents. Whenever any worthwhile goal or objective is accomplished in any field, results should be evident to all. Applause, recognition and deserved awards often follow.

But, last Friday, casting reason and appropriateness aside, the Nobel Prize Committee announced Barack H. Obama as the winner of the Noble Peach Prize. That action blatantly disclosed a skewed political agenda, which has transformed their selection process into a farce. As a result, recipients in general may be discredited; and, their action may actually undermine President Obama.

Clearly, the Nobel Committee’s action is a disservice to all people everywhere.

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If Mr. Obama actually goes to Oslo to accept the prize, and the monetary award that goes with it, the President would be a willing accomplice in this international farce. Acceptance would also be another indication that personal ego and hubris has overwhelmed presidential reason yet again.

Whether one agrees or not with the hard-left turn Barack Obama has taken, clearly it is premature, for even left progressives, to declare victory and distribute trophies. Mr. Obama admitted as much with his comments about accepting (it) as a “call to action” rather than a warranted recognition of actual accomplishments. This means he knows the rules were changed for him. People on both ends – and in the middle - of the political spectrum know the truth.

Setting aside reactive political comments such as, respectively, from the left, “he deserves it”; and, right, “it’s a joke” – along with a judgment of which is accurate - here’s some evidentiary perspective excerpted from a parody presented over the weekend on the very liberal NBC-TV program Saturday Night Live (SNL). The thrust of the SNL skit is that it is “the Left that should be even more upset” by his (Obama) lack of accomplishments.

The skit opens with:

“When you look at my record, it is very clear what I’ve done so far; and, that is… nothing… Nada”! One year; and nothing to show for it!”

Then rhetorically, Obama’s impersonator asks, “don’t believe me? Here’s a checklist:”

“On my first day in office, I said I would close Guantanamo Bay.

Is it closed yet? No!

Next, “I said we’d be out of Iraq.

Are we? Not the last time I checked!”

Then, “I said I’d make improvements in the war in Afghanistan.

Richard Olivastro

Richard Olivastro is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, president of People Dynamics, an executive leadership development company, and founder of Citizens For Change.
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