Rebecca Hagelin

I'm penning this column from Australia where I was privileged to speak a few days ago at an event at Parliament House celebrating Australia's National Marriage Day. As in America, marriage in Australia is under attack by homosexual activists who seek to shoehorn their lifestyle choices into a shoe that will never fit: marriage. They want the law-and public opinion--to redefine marriage to include homosexual sex as something good, the moral equivalent of marital sexuality expressed by a husband and a wife.

Pro-family Australians are blessed with charismatic leaders like MP's Bob Katter and Kevin Andrews, and pro-family advocate Babette Francis and her organization, the Endeavour Forum, as well as the wonderful Australian Family Association. Unequivocal in support of traditional marriage and courageous in opposition to homosexual 'marriage,' these leaders (and thousands of their fellow Australians) urged Members of the Australian Parliament to continue to honor the truth about marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

At the rally I spoke from my heart, warning that, "no greater evil" stalks our societies right now than the attempt to redefine the historical and time-honored definition of marriage that has existed since the dawning of mankind.  It's a "war," I said, "for the future of the human race."  The crowd in attendance responded with a standing ovation.

But it made the radical homosexual activists go nuts. They simply don't want the truth to be known - they don't want people to think critically about the ramifications of destroying the basic unit of society.

History teaches that deviancy spurs decline, and the push to normalize homosexual relationships puts us on the fast track to disaster.  But the bigger issue is what results when you fundamentally alter the basic building block of society - upon which every other institution is built. In my Australian speech I warned that efforts to legitimize polygamy and pedophilia would follow in the wake of homosexual 'marriage.' This is a logical consequence that will occur if the definition of marriage is altered in any way.

Advocates for homosexual 'marriage' quickly declared themselves "shocked and outraged" by my "damaging" remarks.

Interesting timing.

Just last month, the polygamous family showcased in the cable TV reality show "Sister Wives" filed a lawsuit in U.S. Courts challenging the criminal laws against polygamy as an unconstitutional restriction on the sexual freedom of consenting adults. And a recent article in the influential Columbia Law Review proposes allowing but regulating polygamy, "consistent with contemporary social norms."

Rebecca Hagelin

Rebecca Hagelin is a public speaker on the family and culture and the author of the new best seller, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.
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