Rachel Alexander

There are rumors that Mitt Romney may select his vice-presidential running mate in advance of the Republican National Convention in August. Speeding up the process would boost his fundraising for a few extra weeks. Conservatives are worried Romney will pick a moderate establishment candidate, while the establishment is worried Romney will pick someone seen as too extreme by the independents who generally decide presidential elections.

Romney will most likely avoid making the kind of choice John McCain did by picking Sarah Palin. Although Palin energized the base, she became a relentless target of the media. He will not want to choose a candidate who will eclipse him, which eliminates someone like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He needs a running mate that the base finds acceptable, if not exciting, in order to counter his lackluster reputation with conservatives. Someone from a swing state with many electoral votes will get top consideration. Another important, but not mandatory, criterion is fundraising ability of a running mate, which means they cannot be an unknown.

A source from last week's 2012 Bilderberg Conference leaked out that the ultra secretive, powerful organization comprised of the biggest names in politics and finance has selected Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels to be Romney's running mate. While considered a very safe pick, Daniels is such a low-key figure he may not bring much to the ticket.

A running mate that would energize the base is Paul Ryan (R-WI). Wisconsin is a swing state, and Walker has become a recognized champion of cutting fiscal waste. The conservative grassroots likes him and his good looks don't hurt.

Another likely VP pick is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Obama will not campaign for Walker's opponent, realizing how popular Walker is. Obama currently leads Romney in Wisconsin by eight points among likely voters and does not want to rock the boat. Walker is leading his recall challenger by the same margin. Walker has become a hero to the grassroots and Tea Party for taking on public employee unions. If Romney picks Walker after surviving a recall election, it would rally the conservative base, something Romney needs.

Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative. She also serves as senior editor of The Stream.