Rachel Alexander

Posted February 08, 2016

The mostly Islamic refugees fleeing oppressive regimes like Syria and Iraq are increasing, not decreasing, and it is starting to bring out strong opposition in the European countries they are fleeing to.

Posted February 01, 2016

Political correctness has invaded our culture so thoroughly there are essentially two tiers of justice in this country. If you are a white, progressive, privileged hippy Millennial, or a Black Lives Matter activist, law enforcement and the legal system will bend over backward to accommodate your protests and acts of civil disobedience.

Posted January 25, 2016

People were horrified Friday when six white girls at Desert View High School in Phoenix decided to spell out a racial slur on their T-shirts, then post a photo of it to Snapchat where it went viral.

Posted January 18, 2016

Now that Ted Cruz is polling second in the Republican presidential race behind Donald Trump, Trump has begun asserting that Cruz is not eligible to be president due to how he became a U.S. citizen.

Posted January 11, 2016

Darcy Olsen, CEO and president of the Goldwater Institute, has written a must-read book for anyone facing a serious ailment, The Right to Try: How the Federal Government Prevents Americans from Getting the Life-Saving Treatments They Need.

Posted January 04, 2016

Tucson Federal District Court Judge David Bury issued a decision on December 30 denying a retrial for imprisoned former Congressman Rick Renzi of Arizona, developments which Ive been tracking over the last six months.

Posted December 21, 2015

The Republican establishment and its power brokers are starting to panic about the likelihood of Donald Trump winning the presidential nomination, and even the respected Club for Growth is now running ads against Trump.

Posted December 14, 2015

It was with great sadness that I heard fellow conservative writer Austin Hill, age 51, had passed away on November 13.

Posted November 23, 2015

The case of the corrupt prosecution against imprisoned former Congressman Rick Renzi continues to explode with new evidence of wrongdoing - literally every few weeks something else comes out. It is beginning to look like Fast and Furious as more information pours out implicating the government.

Posted November 02, 2015

Last Monday, Federal District Court Judge David Bury held an evidentiary hearing in Tucson to consider new evidence that prosecutorial wrongdoing took place during the criminal prosecution of imprisoned former Congressman Rick Renzi.

Posted October 26, 2015

I have mixed feelings about Justin Trudeaus election as prime minister of Canada. I am distantly related to him, but hes basically a socialist. The conservative reign under Prime Minister Stephen Harper is officially over. In Canadian elections this month, Trudeaus Liberal Party won enough votes for a strong majority government, enough to govern without relying on other parties in a coalition, and chose Trudeau as leader.

Posted October 19, 2015

Last month, I wrote about a high school football coach at my alma mater who was bullied into dropping a voluntary prayer he performed on the 50-yard line after games. He was told if he didnt stop praying, he would be fired. After this all came out publicly, he merely gave a speech at the next game, instead of the usual prayer hed given for the past nine years.

Posted October 12, 2015

In an incredible new development in the criminal case of imprisoned former Congressman Richard Renzi, Federal District Court Judge David Bury has agreed to hold an evidentiary hearing on October 26th in Tucson to look into FBI corruption and consider Renzis motion for a new trial.

Posted October 05, 2015

A member of Congress estimated to me that out of 84-86 new GOP members who swept the House in the GOP takeover of 2010, there are only about only four to five left who remain conservative.

Posted September 24, 2015

Political correctness has invaded my alma mater. I was disappointed to receive an email from our hometown pastor last week, informing me that the assistant football coach at my high school alma mater in Washington state was being investigated for praying with his team.

Posted September 14, 2015

For years until the advent of talk radio, Fox News and social media the left-leaning mainstream media held a stranglehold over the coverage of news and politics.

Posted September 07, 2015

Kim Davis, the Democrat Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of religious objections, was ordered to jail for contempt of court last Thursday.

Posted August 31, 2015

A powerful combination of people has finally come together to present a real challenge to the Federal Reserves death grip over monetary policy.

Posted August 24, 2015

Prosecutors in the U.S. Department of Justice are finally being called out for singling out Republican politicians and others they dislike.

Posted August 17, 2015

Fellow Comrades, Socialists, Proles, and Occupy Wall Street allies...