Phil Harris

The Sirens were three seductresses living on an island that was surrounded by cliffs and rocks. Seamen who sailed too near were tricked by the Sirens' enchanting music and voices to come near for a better life. The poor fellows found a gruesome death (not a better life) after shipwrecking on the rocky coast.

Barack Obama’s repackaged song of social justice through wealth redistribution is nothing but a version of Karl Marx’s dream, trimmed and garnished for the ears of worried Americans. Joe Biden, already mesmerized by the idealism of his left-wing Party, is convinced that such comparisons must be a joke.

Unfortunately Joe, there is no joke. The facts are facts, and you and those like you are willing to sail this great nation onto the rocks. You are ignorant of the promise that America has always held for those looking in, that it is possible to dream, take risks, and succeed.

No one likes to see gluttonous barons of mega corporations on television, living large on exorbitant salaries and bonuses as the rest of us are left to live at the edge of our meager paychecks. But what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid fail to tell us is that these examples of Golden Parachute encrusted emperors are not representative of what will be changed by a move to Socialism.

The truth is, most of us work for people who have absolutely nothing in common with those we love to despise. More than 98.2 percent of all employers are small businesses who employ more than half of all of us.

According to the Small Business Administration, up to 80 percent of all new job opportunities are created by small businesses, a fact that young college-age voters (who will be looking for new job opportunities) should find especially noteworthy.

There is a simple, but tried and true formula for how this works in America. Regular people dream up ideas. Then they roll up their sleeves to work hard, put their own financial security at risk, and if they can stay ahead of the many roadblocks put in their way, their reward will be a successful small business that by its very nature creates jobs for others.

This is capitalism in a nutshell, and on balance it works. Communist/Socialist examples have proven time and time again that when the risk-reward element is removed, there is no reason for people to stick their necks out. Those who do rise up are those who seek their reward from the power of position, rather than from an investment of heart and soul in a dream.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris is a software engineer, author of Cry for the Shadows and blogs at Citizen Phil.

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