Paul  Kengor

The following is an interview with Peter Schweizer, author of the newly released Makers and Takers (Doubleday, 2008). Schweizer is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of a number of books, including Reagan’s War, The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty, and Do As I Say (Not As I Do)

. He has appeared on most major television networks and radio talk-shows; his work has been featured in the nation’s top editorial pages, from USA Today to the Washington Post; and he has a master’s degree in international relations from Oxford. Schweizer lives in Florida with his wife, Rochelle, and sons. This interview was done by Paul Kengor, executive director of the Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College.

Dr. Paul Kengor: Peter Schweizer, welcome to “V&V Q&A.”

Peter Schweizer: Paul, I always enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.

Kengor: This is your 11th book. You became famous with your 1994 work, Victory: The Reagan Administration’s Secret Strategy That Hastened the Collapse of the Soviet Union. You’ve co-authored two books with your wife, Rochelle, and two others with the late Cap Weinberger. You’ve tended toward biographies. In that sense, this latest book is somewhat of a departure. What inspired you to write this book?