Nathan Slaughter

A few weeks ago, I bought four ounces of gold for $1,000.

I didn't go to a coin store, get some special deal, or use some "insider" secret...

In fact, you can get the exact same deal I got.

Let me explain...

For the past several months, the U.S. dollar has been a safe haven. Problems in Europe, sweeping uncertainty abroad and fears of a global economic slowdown have pushed investors into the perceived safety of the U.S. currency

But the U.S. debt crisis is still unresolved and there's been extensive talk in Washington regarding further monetary easing. If the government turns the printing presses back on, then get ready. U.S. monetary policies could systematically erode the value of the greenback

So despite the strength of the dollar as of late, the fact still remains: Gold is the most reliable way to protect your purchasing power. 

So as a hedge against growing uncertainty, I want to raise my gold exposure. 

But instead of buying gold for more than $1,600 an ounce, there's a different way to own gold... and for much cheaper.

It all rests with a gold miner that can make a huge profit from digging the stuff up. 

I recently added 100 shares of New Gold (NYSE: NGD) to my portfolio within my Scarcity & Real Wealth advisory.

New Gold is a mid-sized intermediate precious metals producer with roughly 7.9 million ounces of proved gold reserves, or 18.8 million ounces of the looser "measured and indicated resources." 

With only 470 million shares outstanding, this equates to four ounces of gold in the ground for every 100 shares. 

Nathan Slaughter

Nathan Slaughter is Chief Investment Strategist of Market Advisor, Scarcity & Real Wealth, and Energy & Income at