Mike Gallagher

After a week in Denver surrounded by Democrats, it sure is fun to be back with Republicans again.

Just sitting on the airplane getting ready to take off for the Republican National Convention, I've been talking to a steady stream of smiling folks who are awfully excited about the upcoming week.

Sen. McCain's selection of Sarah Palin has immediately and instantly energized the delegates and attendees making their way to Minnesota. Besides Hurricane Gustav, it's all anyone can talk about.

And it sure is fascinating to see how different people react in such disparate ways about something like a hurricane.

The people I've been talking with today are genuinely concerned about the welfare of those in the storm's path.

Rotund filmmaker (propagandist) Michael Moore writes that Gustav is God's wrath upon the dirty, evil Republicans and seems to be wishing for as much death and destruction as possible in order to ruin the impact of the convention.

It isn't in an evildoer like Michael Moore's DNA to understand that for most decent Americans, politics takes a back seat to people's safety. Don't kid yourself: the looney left is hoping for a whopper of a storm, the bigger the better. They figure it will take a hurricane to make people forget about the stunningly brilliant vice-presidential pick.

But cheering for a hurricane to wipe out as much as possible isn't limited to a radical demon like Michael Moore. How about former DNC Chairman Donnie Fowler? Caught on camera during a flight after the DNC, Fowler (already being called "Foul Fowler" on the internet) giggles like a little schoolgirl when he says to his fellow traveller that the hurricane is scheduled to hit right at the start of the Republican Convention.

By now, thousands have viewed his comments on YouTube. Evidently, an eagle-eyed, sharp-eared passenger got out a camera phone or camcorder and, seated one row behind Fowler, rolled on the despicable comments.

Can you begin to fathom how pathetic one has to be to hope that a disaster helps erase some scored political points from the other side? Nothing like the image of helpless people being battered by a hurricane to make a good Democrat smile, I guess.

It was nice of Fowler to attempt a lame apology for being caught red-headed taking great pleasure and delight in the timing and potential severity of Gustav. But his apology is almost worse than what he said in the first place. Complaining about being recorded by a "right-wing nutcase", he pretends to suggest that he was making a "joke" about the late Rev. Jerry Falwell who said that 9/11 could have very well been an example of God's wrath.

Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher is a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Channel contributor and guest host and author of 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate.