Michael Schaus

As an exercise designed to increase one’s pain tolerance, watching the President’s weekend address isn’t a bad way to go. And while watching the three and a half minute video isn’t completely unlike grinding a cheese grater across one’s forehead, I prefer the written word over watching a Harvard graduate read from a teleprompter. That’s mostly because it lends itself more to editorial narration:

The President’s weekend address, as edited by yours truly:

Hi everybody.

Today, our economy is growing and our businesses are consistently generating new jobs.

Of course, our Campaigner in Chief fails to mention that we have a record number of people who have dropped from the labor force, unimaginable under-employment, and a continuing decline in household incomes… But, yeah. Other than that, things are awesome.

But decades-long trends still threaten the middle class. While those at the top are doing better than ever, too many Americans are working harder than ever, but feel like they can’t get ahead.

Wow… Let’s dive right into that “class warfare”. I mean, heck, income inequality has increased under the shadow of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, and team Obama… But, yeah, act like a spectator in this equation Mr. President.

That’s why the budget I sent Congress earlier this year is built on the idea of opportunity for all. It will grow the middle class and shrink the deficits we’ve already cut in half since I took office.

Michael Schaus

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