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Apparently it’s a rule that, as a lawmaker, you have to tackle societal concepts with which you are stunningly ignorant. State Senator Kevin De Leon, (Democrat from the Socialist Republic of California’s crime ridden city of Los Angeles) recently put his amazingly acute idiocy on full display while talking about guns he thinks should be heavily regulated. Not surprisingly, the Democrat from California’s gang-infested city is a staunch supporter of increased gun control.

Holding what appears to be a weaponized amalgamation of steel and kydex, the senator let slip an incoherent ramble of gun terms that were clearly stacked for theatrical effect, and not accuracy or informative purposes.

“This is a ghost gun” he began. The term should incite some level of confusion, given that it was neither transparent nor risen from the great beyond. According to a quick google search, the term “ghost gun” could mean a gun that is capable of slipping through metal detectors, or a gun that has not been registered by governing authorities. Of course, given the quantity of metallic surfaces apparent in the displayed gun, I’m going to have to assume he is referring to the “non-registered” definition of a “ghost gun.”

“This right here” he said as he clumsily tapped the area of the gun where a magazine should be inserted into the frame, “is a 30 caliber clip.” Wow… Neat. Given the fact that the firearm appears to take a magazine, my curiosity was immediately peaked by the idea of a “clip” that was 30 caliber (or 0.3 inches for those of you with a ruler) and capable of feeding the AR-15 style rifle. It also raises the question of whether the “clip” or the ammunition was 30 caliber. That question was never answered as the Senator furthered his incoherent string of fancy-sounding firearm-terms…

The topically illiterate State Senator went on to describe the capabilities of the “ghost gun” with a “30 caliber clip” to the spellbound audience by saying it was capable of firing “30 bullets within half a second.”

Just to prove that he was irretrievably lost among concepts that baffled his comprehension, he reiterated his butchered point: “A 30 magazine clip in half a second!”

Ok… Just a quick recap:

Michael Schaus

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