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Editor's note: Because of the Holiday Season (or, rather, the busy family-oriented evening of December 31st) this article has been republished from earlier this year. Let not your heart be troubled, as Michael Schaus will return with fresh content for your pleasure, entertainment and/ or ridicule in 2014... Some of it might even be worth publishing. The following is, however, well timed as Bill de Blasio prepares to take the helm of the Empire City.

Looking for advice on how to improve the NYPD’s ability to keep New Yorkers safe, incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio is turning to the experts in violent crime and criminal activity. . . Ex-convicts. And not the white collar Bernie Madoff convicts. De Blasio’s transition think tank (bankrolled by the liberal billionaire, George Soros) listened to the concerns of convicted criminals when it came to the NYPD’s policies and policing efforts. The message was pretty much what one would expect from convicted kidnappers, killers, thieves, and other NYC scum: “Get Soft on Crime.”

According to the NY Post, “A group of 50 ex-cons, junkies and chronic vagrants gathered at a Manhattan ‘Think Tank’ Thursday to describe what they thought the NYPD should be doing to make their lives easier… The event, which was held in Morningside Heights, was hosted by an advisory group called Talking Transitions, run by liberal billionaire investment magnate George Soros.”

The goal of the criminally inclined symposium was to offer de Blasio tips on policing, corrections, parole policies, and other general inconveniences to a successful life of crime. I’m sure the NYPD commissioner is ecstatic about adhering to the concerns of the newly elevated criminal class.

“I like the idea of ending stop and frisk,” explained one attendee who had previously been convicted of grand larceny and identity theft. Given the nature of the 4thAmendment, I’m not inclined to promote the practice of stop and frisk. . . ButI ama bit trepidatious about swallowing the concerns of a grand larcenist without a bit of a raised eyebrow.

And while the constitutionally questionable practice of NYPD frisking policies were a major point of concern, other issues were raised that would seem comical if written as part of a Saturday Night Live skit:

Michael Schaus

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