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I’m thinking of putting my family on food stamps because Nancy Pelosi, in her wisdom, has assured us that doing so will help the economy and as a concerned American I want to do my part.

I wish I’d been aware of this years ago. I could have stopped working and lived on the dole and I would have avoided years of a lot of just-plain drudgery.

Just think, back in those lean years when I was driving back and forth every day between Los Angeles and San Diego to broadcast to the only two stations carrying my radio show for what amounted to a small pittance -- baseball caps.

It got so onerous I begged my mother, Jane Wyman, for help. She said, “Shut up and keep driving.” So that’s what I did. Now I wonder why. I could have gotten on the welfare gravy train years ago and lived a life of ease.

An old board game known as known as “Public Assistance -- Why Bother Working for a Living?” was banned back in the ‘80s, I guess for being politically incorrect. Anyway, it’s now been revived. It acts as a guide for getting on the dole, for boarding the welfare gravy train.

It’s been rechristened “Obozo’s America: Why Bother Working For A Living?”

According to its makers it features 50 Welfare Benefit Cards and 50 Working Person’s Cards, all “based on the preposterous notion that a Marxist clown, running on the vague and shaky platform of hope and change, could become President of The United States.” It doesn’t say whether or not there’s a Nancy Pelosi card.

It sounds like fun -- something I can do to wile away all that free time I’ll have when I stop working.

According to its makers: “Get your initial $1,000 cash grant at the First of the Month, then maneuver along Obozo’s Welfare Promenade. Get cash for your out-of-wedlock children. Draw from a stack of Welfare Benefit Cards. Get extra cash from Saturday Night crimes: Gambling, Armed Robbery, Drugs, and Prostitution.”

Maybe Pelosi might recommend providing a free copy of the game as another welfare benefit.

Seriously. There is a great danger here. What she’s talking about is right out of Karl Marx’s socialist playbook. Allegedly a devout Catholic who somehow manages to get around the Church’s stand on baby killing via legalized abortion, she has ignored the warnings of numerous popes about socialism.

Here, for example, is what Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903) had to say about socialism:

Michael Reagan

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