Lurita Doan

Eric Holder’s incompetent team of legal minds has botched things up again.

Roger Clemens is in a fight for his life, and his enemies are fierce, partisan and patently unfair. His alleged crime—making false statements to Henry Waxman in a congressional hearing-- has cost the American taxpayer tens of millions of dollars, all because in 2008, during an election year, Henry Waxman needed a high profile hearing to showboat, to garner as much publicity as possible, to allow him to bang his gavel, to feel superior, to peacock around. Waxman could have decided to focus legitimate attention on the use of steroids in baseball, but instead chose to focus the government’s attention to vilify, disparage and ruin the reputation of one man, Roger Clemens.

But then, as now, Henry Waxman is not a man interested in fairness. He’s not very much interested in the more demanding and difficult task of how our government should direct its attention, taxpayer resources and effort. No chance of that. (Remember the over 1500 pages of Waxman’s energy cap and tax bill, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars, which he admitted he hadn’t ever read?) Instead, Mr. Waxman decided to harness the full power of the government and direct it at ruining one person, Roger Clemens.

Back in 2008, I knew that Roger Clemens was going to face trouble when he wore a suit to his congressional hearing. Clemens is a working man, and he should have worn his work clothes (i.e. his baseball uniform) to the hearing. (Some might argue that Clemens should have worn a Red Sox uniform; others that a Houston Astros‘ uniform would have been more appropriate, and others that only a Yankees’ jersey would suffice). When Waxman repeatedly started to bang the gavel and to posture, Clemens would have been better served, perhaps, had he pulled out a baseball, signed it and thrown one at Waxman’s head.

Back in 2008, Waxman wanted theatre—Waxman would have gotten theatre, and that might have been an end to it.

After all, the goal of a Waxman congressional oversight hearing has been to use the full power of the government to attack high profile individuals, such as Clemens, to wreck him financially and to destroy his reputation. All done on the taxpayer dollar.

Are we, as a country comfortable with that?

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.