Lurita Doan

The recent exposé of clowns and mind-readers as critical support elements of government training at a U.S. General Services (GSA) conference in Las Vegas has served as a politically expedient way for Barack Obama to pretend to be tough on the issue of wasteful spending.

There can be no doubt that cracking down on a federal agency that was so misguided that it spent almost a million taxpayer dollars on a training conference (where clowns were considered essential personnel) is a good thing--especially when GSA is the very agency that determines the travel, meals and per diems for the rest of the federal government.

Obama fired three top political appointees at the agency, and put four other agency employees on administrative leave--which on the surface fosters the illusion that Obama is getting tough on wasteful spending. But, why, given all the other areas of wasteful spending over the past three years of the Obama Administration, has GSA been the only agency to feel Obama's wrath?

Obama is a fraud on the issue of wasteful spending, unless exposing that spending is politically expedient.

Consider the Department of Energy. DoE flushed away $528 Million taxpayer dollars in a failed effort to shore up Solyndra and showcase Obama's visit in May 2010 designed to focus attention on "alternative energy". As if that were not enough, DoE wasted another $2 billion dollars of taxpayer money on other failed solar enterprises. But get this: no one got fired. Billions of dollars wasted, and no one in the Obama Administration was fired. Worse yet, Obama seems genuinely proud of picking loser investments that wasted taxpayer money.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.