Lurita Doan

While Republicans focus on skewering GOP presidential candidates in primaries, Team Obama’s regulatory juggernaut continues to destroy the American way of life. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job creators are already groaning from the weight of the many and new regulations Obama has initiated in the past three years.

Even more regulations are on the way. However, many of the regulations are masked as "initiatives", where the actual regulation is buried in various appropriations bills sent to congress in the President's 2013 budget.

One of the most recent examples is the recently announced Education Department "Together For Tomorrow" initiative that shifts accountability for student education achievement outcomes away from teachers.

Like so many other Obama inspired regulations, this one, too, starts with a wonderful title, “Together For Tomorrow”. It certainly sounds like a good idea—increase national community volunteer service corps (Americorps) involvement in the education of American children. The "initiative" is connected to a "regulation" that is buried in a Department of Education budget request, which eliminates accountability.

Anyone willing to take a harder look and get passed the winning title can see that the "Together for Tomorrow" plan is just another, blatant political strategy to reward loyalists, such as the teachers unions. The only “togetherness” that Team Obama is interested in, is in building a collation for his 2012 bid for re-election.

The two-page, Department of Educationtakes vagueness to new levels and outlines few of the initiative’s strategies, though the Department of Education’s budget, in particular, the CNCS’ budget outlines the need for increases, in order to support the program. Of course, more spending on education, with little or no accountability has been the perennial goal of teachers unions for years.

Lurita Doan

Lurita Alexis Doan is an African American conservative commentator who writes about issues affecting the federal government.