Lee  Culpepper

The Obama administration has finally pinned down the first attacker in the “knockout game,” and the mainstream media has finally referenced skin color in their headlines. Twenty-seven-year-old Conrad Alvin Barrett, who is white, made history the day after Christmas by becoming the first low-life coward arrested on federal hate-crime charges stemming from his savage “knockout” crime near Houston, Texas.

Barrett’s disgusting attack left a 79-year-old man with two fractures in his jaw, as well as missing teeth. The victim, who is black, also spent four days in the hospital.

Before Christmas, the Obama administration avoided weighing-in on the exploding “knockout” epidemic plaguing the nation. The hordes of “knockout-style” crimes that have been increasing for a number of years prior to Barrett’s despicable attack have overwhelmingly involved black attackers assaulting Jewish, Asian, or white victims. But now, this surprise move by the president’s administration has dazed the nation. According to Kenneth Magidson, a U.S. attorney in Texas, “Suspected crimes of this nature will simply not be tolerated.”

But what does Magidson’s statement actually mean? “Knockout” is the crime that is called a game only in that a primary motive for the savagery is the wicked thrill of hurting someone. It is also known as “Polar Bear Hunting” in some cities because the black attackers specifically target white victims.

Do the feds merely view those attacks as just complying with the rules of that “game”? It is comforting to know those barbaric attacks are not inspired out of hate.

Regardless, unsuspecting strangers are being brutally sucker-punched by ruthless thugs, many of whom are dysfunctional juveniles. The vicious attacks have become a phenomenon of controversy over the past couple of months. Some media sources like The New York Times, CNN, and USA Today have downplayed and even dismissed the pervasiveness of the crimes perpetrated by gaggles of urban-black hoodlums like the hundreds that flash mobbed a Brooklyn mall and unleashed “knockout” on innocent victims the same day Barrett was arrested. (No arrests were made.)

Lee Culpepper

Lee Culpepper has served the United States as a Marine officer and less formerly as an undaunted-non-liberal English teacher and a substitute dad. The cultural divide Lee battled from leading Marines to motivating teenagers mired in public schools laid the foundation for his social and political commentary. Contact Lee Culpepper on Twitter @drcoolpepper or by email at drcoolpepper@gmail.com.