Laura Hollis

If Americans had any doubt how the liberal elite (Democrats in Congress, the press, the entertainment industry) felt about them before this month’s congressional recess, surely they must understand it now.

Hard-working taxpaying Americans have been relatively complacent until recently, understandably occupied by their jobs, their finances, their families, and their personal responsibilities. Americans have had a largely unspoken but abiding faith in the enduring principles of American government, the fidelity of their elected representatives to those principles, and the vigilance of the press in defending both.

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Oops. The past few months have been eye-openers, haven’t they?

As awareness of Obama’s true intentions have grown, so have Americans’ concerns.  Disgusted with the profligate spending of the Bush administration and an earlier Republican-controlled Congress, many Americans believed Obama and the Democrats when they promised fiscal accountability.  (This was, to steal Samuel Johnson’s line, the triumph of hope over experience, but that’s another matter.)  Skyrocketing deficits, double-digit unemployment, and nationalized private industry were not what most Americans signed up for.

Slowly but surely, Americans have begun to make their feelings known.  And as they have, they have discovered what the Left really means when it waxes rhapsodic about freedom of speech, dissent as patriotism, and civil liberties: only for those who agree with us; not for you¸you dimwitted, knuckle-dragging, greedy, gun-toting, child-bearing, God-fearing idiots.

When Congress passed a $787 billion “stealfromus” package without reading it, when buyer’s remorse began to set in, and when the “tea parties” sprung up, the tenor of the Left’s accusations changed.  Now, taking a page from Obama’s intellectual “mentor” Saul Alinsky, the press, the entertainment industry, and Democrats in Congress stepped up their tactics and attempted to marginalize and ignore public sentiment, mocking the protestors repeatedly as “teabaggers,” (a vulgar slang term for a particular type of vulgar activity), laughing at them during prime-time newscasts, and giving airtime to inflammatory personalities like Keith Olbermann and Janeane Garofalo, who called Americans “racist rednecks” and “bigots.”

Laura Hollis

Laura Hollis is an Associate Professional Specialist and Concurrent Associate Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame, where she teaches entrepreneurship and business law. She is the author of the forthcoming publication, “Start Up, Screw Up, Scale Up: What Government Can Learn From the Best Entrepreneurs,” © 2014. Her opinions are her own, and do not reflect the position of the university. Follow her on Twitter: @LauraHollis61.