Larry Kudlow

Posted January 30, 2016

Early in the new year, on Sunday, January 3, Federal Reserve vice chair Stanley Fischer delivered a hawkish speech to the American Economic Association.

Posted January 23, 2016

Speaker Paul Ryans statesmanship may just get the job done.

Posted January 16, 2016

But a big dose of free-market optimism can save the once great state.

Posted January 09, 2016

And China should let free-markets set currency and stock prices.

Posted December 11, 2015

A hardline shift from an immigration reformer.

Posted December 05, 2015

A 211,000 jobs increase for November will finally push the Fed over the line and into a quarter-of-a-point rate hike later this month. The question is, how much and how fast will the central bank raise its target rates?

Posted November 21, 2015

Let's say it loud and often. If we want to destroy ISIS, we can destroy ISIS. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but I want to state it anyway.

Posted November 14, 2015

The singular economic issue of our time is the quest for more rapid economic growth. In the past century the American economy grew at roughly 3.5 percent per year. That included huge booms and even worse busts, such as the Great Depression.

Posted October 17, 2015

The Democratic presidential debate ironically took place the same week that a Princeton University professor was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Why ironic? Because professor Angus Deaton is a strong advocate of economic growth. Today's Democrats are not.

Posted October 10, 2015

As of this writing, House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan has not decided whether to run for speaker. He has been bombarded by all the Republican factions. Even Mitt Romney says the Wisconsinite can unify the Republican conference and take ON the job.

Posted September 26, 2015

Every now and then, the GOP should disrupt the status quo.

Posted September 20, 2015

While there were some great moments in the latest GOP debate, and some terrific individual performances -- Carly Fiorina seemed to grab all the buzz in the aftermath -- one thing that barely came up was the economy. It was very much like the first debate.

Posted September 05, 2015

As stocks endure their worst correction since 2011, and the battle between Fed doves and hawks rages on over a quarter-of-a-percentage-point rate liftoff, the much-anticipated August employment numbers made for a surprisingly mediocre report.

Posted August 20, 2015

Just-published minutes from the Federal Reserve's July 28-29 meeting indicate that most officials saw conditions for a rate liftoff as "not yet" achieved. They may be approaching a rate-hike moment, but they're not there yet. Good call.

Posted August 15, 2015

Pretty much everyone in the world wants the Federal Reserve to begin its "rate liftoff." September is the latest target date for this market consensus. But permit me one dissenting question: Are you sure?

Posted August 08, 2015

With a record 24 million people watching the GOP debate, you'd think there would have been a lot more time spent on the most important issue of the day: the economy.

Posted August 01, 2015

Is Donald Trump a supply-sider? In his still young presidential campaign, he has said several times that he wants to be the jobs president.

Posted July 10, 2015

The former governor is right about people needing, and wanting, to work longer hours.

Posted June 27, 2015

The judicial decision to uphold all of the president's health care subsidies may be very disappointing, but the economics of Obamacare are far worse than whatever constitutional mistakes have been committed by the Supreme Court.

Posted June 20, 2015

The whole GOP should back it.