Larry Kelley

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During the decade of the 150s B.C., Cato the Elder invariably brought a fresh fig to the Senate as a prop to illustrate the fact that it could easily arrive via the short voyage from Carthage, Rome’s mortal enemy. He would end each address in the Senate with Carthago delenda est (“Carthage must be destroyed”).

During the decade of the 1930s, Winston Churchill repeatedly warned his countrymen of the gathering Nazi threat by reminding them that history contains many examples of peoples who waited too long to confront a ruthless foe. In so doing, Churchill warned, they invariably forfeited an earlier opportunity to easily defeat their enemy. Instead, they found that, because they waited too long, they were left with only two options—surrender and be enslaved or fight and perish.

Iran has been committing acts of war upon the United States for nearly 30 years—acts of war we’ve strangely chosen to ignore. But now, with the Iranians very close to acquiring a nuclear arsenal and testing the delivery mechanisms for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, where the detonation of a single EMP weapon could wipe out America’s entire vital communications infrastructure, the inevitable question arises: Are there any “Catos” or “Churchills” left within the Bush inner circle?


Last February, Imad Mugniyeh was blown into globs of protoplasm on a well-to-do Damascus street, in close proximity to the Syrian intelligence offices. His career perfectly mirrored the ascendancy of Tehran as the world’s headquarters for Muslim terrorism.

During the Clinton administration, Robert Baer was very likely the only American intelligence officer able to penetrate the Islamic terror networks. In his landmark book, “See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA’s War on Terrorism,” he exposes the fact that Iran has provided training, finances, logistics and diplomatic cover for militarized Muslims who have attacked the United States continuously from 1979 to the present.

Larry Kelley

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