Larry Elder

"Now I'm truly scared."

A friend wrote this after she watched Fox News' Glenn Beck's series on the "alarming number of far-left radicals the President is surrounded by" -- referring to some of the President's special advisers and "czars." President Barack Obama, my friend tells me, is "a true left-winger."

So, now she knows.

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She didn't know after the President signed the $800 billion so-called "stimulus program." She didn't know after government takeovers/bailouts of banks, insurance companies and auto companies.

She didn't know after Obama campaigned in favor of protectionism by promising to unilaterally change free trade agreements, such as NAFTA, or after the inclusion of "Buy American" provisions in the "stimulus package."

She didn't know after Obama campaigned on government-run health care or after he said during the campaign that "if starting from scratch," he'd implement the Canadian single-payer system.

She didn't know after Obama stated his goal to impose job-killing and price-hiking "cap-and-trade" business taxes to fight "man-made global warming." (Never mind the vigorous debate in the scientific community about the degree to which -- or even whether -- human activity is the cause and whether it makes more sense to deal with the

effect of a slight warming than to undertake costly and likely ineffective measures to stop it.)

She didn't know after Obama's plans to "invest" to "create green jobs" of the future or after he moved oversight of the next census from the Department of Commerce to the White House (in order to increase the number of minorities so that government money can follow).

She didn't know after Obama sided with black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and turned the professor's altercation with Cambridge police into a microcosm of the alleged widespread problem of unlawful "racial profiling" against blacks; after Obama spent 20 years in a church led by a smoke-coming-out-of-the-nose, America-bashing "spiritual adviser"; after Obama's selection of an attorney general who called America "cowardly" on matters of race; after the AG's refusal to indict members of the New Black Panther Party for seemingly clear voter intimidation; or after Obama's selection of a Supreme Court justice who many times claimed her gender and ethnicity make her superior to a "white male."

Larry Elder

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