Kristan Hawkins

The New Year is a time of reflection and resolution. So many people get out their pens and paper, well maybe iPads and iPhones, and begin to reflect on the past year and how they can move forward for the better in the calendar year to come. But, some things are better left forgotten. This year, Planned Parenthood has a few things that they might not want to be so reflective about.

I’m pretty sure they don’t want to think about the $1.3 million they were fined in Texas due to their Medicaid fraud. The investigation, spearheaded by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, discovered that Planned Parenthood billed the Texas Medicaid program for products and services that were never given, unnecessary, or not even covered by Medicaid. If that wasn’t bad enough, they used federal money for abortion-related services and then were adapted to appear as if they were not abortion services.

But, fraud isn’t the only thing about Texas Planned Parenthood wants to forget. This past July, pro-lifers descended on the Texas capitol in support of HB2, a bill that sought to force abortion facilities to have the same health health standards as other surgical centers, ban abortion after 20 weeks, require abortionists to have local admitting privileges, and require an actual doctor to administer the powerful and extremely dangerous abortifacient, RU-486. Not only did Planned Parenthood lose this battle, the response from their supporters and even employees was shocking. With vulgar signs and hateful chants, they filled the Texas Capitol with childish displays of tampons and coat hangers. They even went as far to attempt to bring in jars of fecal matter to throw at HB2 supporters. Yes, Planned Parenthood probably wants to forget that ever happened.

But Texas wasn’t the only thing that hurt their image. 2013 can be summed up on one word for Planned Parenthood, exposure. Between Students for Life’s “Abortion. No Matter What” video and the “Planned Parenthood Project,” tens of thousands of people were educated on Planned Parenthood’s corrupt abortion business model. More abortion = More money. As SFLA visited over 30 campuses during our ground-breaking tour, students were shocked to find out that Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas and pregnant women are simply a means to attaining their disgusting business goal, resulting in their favorability dropping among young people.

Kristan Hawkins

Kristan Hawkins is the President of Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization with over 700 groups nationwide. She is author of the new book “Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime.”