Kevin McCullough

Evidently there is no longer a valid requirement to be able to diagram a sentence, pass basic English Composition--say on the sixth grade level, nor have any command of what used to be understood as "context" to land a job at CNN or NBC these days.

Dana Bash and Kacie Hunt what say you?

These two "journalists" were assigned the lapdog duty this week of reporting from the Republican National Committee meetings. Evidently their primary task was to send out inflammatory tweets. They are quite good at this--even if they have to lie to do so. Their abilities to begin flame wars in the Twitter universe was easily proven on Thursday.

Here's what Bash said:

Followed by Hunt:

The only problem both are blatantly false reports.

What Governor Huckabee actually communicated was that women are viewed by Democrats and the Democratic party as being victims who needed "Uncle Sugar" (elected Dems) to provide for them tax-payer funded birth control, because supposedly they should never say no to the idea of having a never-have-to-say-no sex life.

The Governor's actual sentiment was that women are so much more than their sex drive, that Republicans believe this, and that the messaging should be much more broad than what the progressive left continually pushes the discussion towards.

Huckabee was 1000% correct.

The left have an idea that ever denying oneself sexual fulfillment is in some way a betrayal to one's own true essence.

In reality human nature runs completely counter to the left's idealized view towards casual sexual experiences.

In multiple studies the differences are starkly noted.