Kevin McCullough

To my first born son,

Within 24-48 hours of the publication of this column, you sir, will be born. It will be the beginning of your journey. For the first few precious hours, then days, weeks, and months your eyes will pop with excitement at the introduction of any new thing. Yet for all the innocence you will hold for this world around you, sadly, it will do precious little to save of any for you. Like every other child, you will have questions. And perhaps for more reasons than most, you will be leveled with expectations. Do not be discouraged by that reality though. Those who expect little or nothing of their lives, more often than not, find it.

Since it is my charge before God to teach and train you, I thought it might be best to explain the way things work in our home. There are a handful of truths you will want to know. For when you operate within them, life for you will be good in every way. Stray from them, son, and you will be in peril. As your father, it is my foremost responsibility to teach you discernment. Deciphering wisdom from every situation in life, by God's grace, I will help you choose the outcome with the best results. Knowing this, please understand that I give you these ideas with the intention of unlocking your potential to radically impact the world you will someday inherit.

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1. There IS a God...

Though your mother and I will do all we can to give you the fundamental foundation of your faith, there will be mighty forces at work in academia, pop culture, government, and even some claiming to be "Christians" that will attempt to argue this fact. On your college campus, in the first 12 weeks of your freshman year, more than one tenured professor will mock this truth. They will do so to intimidate you into renouncing what is the most important reality of all time. You will not falter, because God will have answered the prayers of your mother and I many times over and you will have living proof as well as historical heritage that God is real, active, and involved in the events of your life.

2. You are responsible for your actions, success, and failures...