Kevin McCullough

Mike Huckabee had zero to do with the deaths this past week of four Seattle police officers. Radio hosts and bloggers who attempt to imply anything to the contrary are dishonest. Any who attempt to make political hay with it are actually "pundits who are not to be trusted."

As one who clearly understands the election cycles of American politics can explain to you, making predictions three years before the next election is really silly. I was driving home one afternoon this past week sometime after 6pm EST and heard a fill-in host on a nationally syndicated talk show self-identifying under a mono-syllabic air-name. The monotoned droner was taking great delight in repeating a perverse little phrase--repeating to himself over and over: "Put a bullet in Huckabee, he's dead."

"Put a bullet in him!"

"Yep a bullet in him, he's dead!"

Understandably, the fill-in host might have had an agenda that would be driving his perverse assassination wish. The show he subbed for famously went "all-in" for the candidate that finished third in the 2004 GOP primaries. The candidate did so while spending millions in personal wealth, and never gaining enough traction to win anything except a single state.

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What strikes me as curious, however, is why so many supporters of the candidate who finished third in the 2004 primaries were so quick to pronounce Huckabee's political death this week, even as the victims of a violent crime these critics were attempting to link to Huckabee were not yet buried.

Why would such tasteless, naked political pronouncement take the priority in their minds, as opposed to say, comforting the families of the victims, or at minimum, honestly reporting the facts that former Gov. Mike Huckabee had zero to do with Maurice Clemmons being out on bail following a child rape, and free to kill four policemen in cold blood?

You read that right: Governor Michael Huckabee had zero to do with Maurice Clemmons being on the street, and had even less to do with the deaths of Seattle's four finest.

Governor Huckabee has repeatedly attempted to focus his comments on the suffering of the victims' families, expressing his and his family's support for them, and encouraging the media to do the same.

Unfortunately, some mono-syllabic, pen-name, on-air "guy" chose to repeatedly say that Huckabee's political ambitions had met the same fate as the police officers. It was tasteless, it was ugly, and it was immoral.

How much courage does it take to do talk radio under a false name anyway?