Ken Connor

It is no secret that in life, our values tend to guide our decisions. The things we hold dear, the things that are priorities to us, our principles… these are the factors that influence how we live our lives, from who we associate with to how we spend our time and how we spend our money. In Washington, it's no different. If you want to know what an elected official values, you need look at who he associates with, how he spends his time, and how he spends your money. In politics a budget is more than mere numbers on a balance sheet. In its original form, before it is sliced and diced and edited and revised by committees, it is ideology distilled.

Conservatives have been deeply troubled from day one by the apparent ideology that guides President Obama's decisions, and while his well-funded and resourceful PR apparatus has been extremely successful at managing his public image, his spending priorities tell us all we need to know about the man behind the machine.

We know, for example, that despite the rhetoric President Obama doesn't hold our military in very high esteem. Why else would his administration go to the mat defending its contraception mandate while at the same time pushing a cut in medical benefits for our men and women in uniform? We also know that the President isn't really concerned about rising gas prices, given his willingness to fritter away billions of taxpayer dollars on failing "green" ventures while blocking efforts to expand domestic production of fossil fuels.

By far the most troubling to traditional conservatives, however, are the President's budgetary actions pertaining to the unborn.

Last year, when the Republican controlled House of Representatives passed a budget that included the defunding of Planned Parenthood (which receives approximately one third of its $1 billion annual budget from the federal government), the President's cohorts in the Senate had a conniption fit, rending their proverbial garments over the GOP's "war on women" and pledging that such a draconian measure would never see the President's desk. Planned Parenthood is a sacred cow to those on the Left, the President included, and he clearly sees nothing wrong with allocating hundreds of millions of dollars a year for the nation's single largest abortion provider.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.