Julian Adorney

Posted March 17, 2014

As President Obama struggles to rejuvenate his flagging second term, he’s returning to a theme that struck a chord in 2009: Income inequality. The top 1 percent of income-earners in the United States bring in 22.3 percent of all pre-tax income, which many feel is inherently unfair. But if Mr. Obama is serious about reining in income inequality, he should promote less government, not more.

Posted March 03, 2014

Days after President Obama proposed a higher minimum wage for federal contractors, the New York Times called for a maximum wage for the same. The issue of a maximum wage, driven by men like Robert Reich and organizations like the Times, has arisen every few years for decades

Posted January 27, 2014

The college bubble continues to swell, as tuitions rise at an unsustainable rate. College tuition has risen faster than inflation for over a decade; the cost of college has increased 16.5% in constant dollars since 2006.