J. T. Young

Posted April 12, 2012

On April 2, Obama sought to compensate for what many have called a lackluster Administration defense before the Supreme Court of the President’s healthcare overhaul. He overcompensated.

Posted February 07, 2011

The difference between shareholders and citizens is the reason business reforms and government doesn’t. The difference explains why a virtuous cycle of savings prevails in the former and a vicious cycle of spending prevails in the latter.

Posted December 27, 2010

While the recently enacted tax bill certainly has elements with which conservatives can rightfully disagree, there are far more – and far bigger – parts for liberals to dislike.

Posted November 02, 2010

There are two stories in this election: the President and the Tea Party. That a third party could so quickly emerge and share the political storyline with the President is indeed news. However, this is hardly the first time a third party has had an impact on American politics. What makes the Tea Party novel is that it is fundamentally different from any of the third parties of the last 100 years.

Posted September 30, 2010

The biggest political potential for the GOP this November isn't in Washington.

Posted September 13, 2010

While the line between legitimate and illegitimate taxes was clear in colonists’ minds, it should be equally clear that the revolution was not simply over tax legitimacy. Americans did not just hate taxes in theory, but in practice. The empire had many advantages for America, particularly in trade and defense. Still the cost of the accompanying taxes was too much.

Posted June 29, 2010

A recent poll revealed some startling facts about America’s political perceptions. Which party does America see as the most extreme? The Democrats. That answer is surprising, not only by its margin, but in the recent and dramatic change in viewpoint. And the answer is even more important, because nowhere does perception equal reality more than in politics.

Posted May 17, 2010

Congressional Democrats are caught between a rock and a hard place electorally. Squeezed tightly by both historical and current trends, there are few positive issues to seize and little time in which to do so before November.

Posted April 05, 2010

To paraphrase Thomas Paine, “these are the times that try conservatives’ souls.” Paine thus began The American Crisis, now enactment of the health care bill appears to herald a Conservative Crisis.

Posted March 18, 2010

If current indicators are correct, Obama faces a steep uphill climb this November. The question then becomes, does the road within his own party stay so steep?

Posted February 24, 2010

Welcome to Washington in 3-D: deficits, debt, and denial, that is. The continuing deterioration in America’s fiscal figures has indeed added another dimension to the nation’s capital.

Posted January 25, 2010

It is ingrained in the imaginations of many that a permanent “economic cycle” exists. The economy grows, it over-extends, it decreases, it over-declines, and it grows again.

Posted September 14, 2009

The economy's mild second quarter contraction has many proclaiming the recession over. Now is therefore a good time to survey the current recession so frequently compared to the Depression.