John Ransom

I got a pen; I got a microphone. And they can have them when they pry them from my cold, dead hands.

While it looks like the FCC has at least temporarily backed down from their threats of putting monitors into newsrooms, we haven’t seen the last of it.

This has been a dream of liberals for a long time.

“According to the research design presented to the FCC by a government contractor named Social Solutions International Inc.,” writes RealClearPolitics, “it wasn’t just television stations, either: Internet news organizations and newspapers were to be included in this information sweep, as if that were actually in the FCC’s purview.”

According to the company “Social Solutions International, Inc. is a research and evaluation firm dedicated to the creation of social and health solutions to improve the welfare of underserved populations worldwide.”

Riiiight. Their clients look like a Who’s Who of welfare states, big government and rent seekers.

While we knew that liberals wanted to kill all of the 2nd Amendment and parts of the 1st Amendment—Freedom OF Religion, for example-- I never supposed that the liberal media would support killing of Freedom of the Press.

But that seems to be the case.

Every three months or so I get to write a column about how I am running out of excuses for my liberal friends in supporting Obama and the Democrats.

It’s not that I object necessarily to their philosophical differences regarding the size and scope of government. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that Democrats are looking to substitute censorship for competency, spying on Americans for real intelligence work, IRS audits for real debate and welfare for real work.

Who knew that those idealistic, long-haired, peaceniks from the late 1960s and early 1970s would learn as their lesson that since their ideology and economy had failed the only thing they could do was to try to out-Nixon Nixon?

Let’s face it: Democrats can’t deliver the goods.

And all they are saying now is give censorship a chance.

They’ve served America a bowl of swamp water, and to make it go down they need the media to call it a soup.

John Ransom

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